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Teeth Straightening

, Teeth StraighteningSome of our adult patients had their teeth straightened in childhood, but have been disappointed to find their smile has relapsed. Others never had the opportunity for any type of tooth straightening when younger and, although they’ve thought about it for many years, have been put off by high costs, long treatment times and the embarrassment of highly obvious metal braces.

We use Invisalign GO to offer a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment for overspaced, misaligned or overcrowded teeth. This is a new revolutionary approach to teeth straightening using clear aligner technology.

Invisalign GO is an ideal option for adults and teenagers who may feel self-conscious about wearing more obvious metal braces. It is also a comfortable choice, as there are no brackets or wires, and it works much more quickly than traditional braces. There is very little impact on your ability to talk or smile, allowing you to carry on with life as normal.

How does Invisalign GO work?

With Invisalign GO, your teeth can be in their new improved positions within as little as 6 months! Invisalign GO achieves this by focusing on the front teeth, which are the most important cosmetic teeth for your smile. You will receive a series of aligners which work by placing gentle sustained pressure on your teeth, moving them in small increments on a regular basis.

Invisalign’s ClinCheck 3D treatment planning process means that you will be able to see a digital image of what your teeth will look like after treatment, so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment.

You will move on to the next set of aligners approximately every 2 weeks. Check-up appointments are typically arranged every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress and receive new aligners.

As your teeth are only moved in small increments, it is very unlikely that you will experience any pain or discomfort. Some people feel a low dull ache for around 24 hours when moving to their next set of aligners, but this is very minimal and won’t disturb your usual routines.

Invisalign GO aftercare

As with all orthodontic procedures, a retainer will need to be worn following treatment to prevent teeth from moving out of their newly straightened position.

Boutique Whitening Bolt On

After completion of Invisalign GO, many patients are so proud of their new smile that they want it to be as white as possible. We include the option of a Boutique Whitening bolt on to your treatment to help you achieve this. The Boutique Whitening gel is used in conjunction with your retainers, meaning that no attentional trays or wear time is needed.

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